Pull the elastic band across the
top of your bra strap.
Wrap the elastic band around
the bra strap and back towards
Loop the elastic band around
the button.
modesty panel and cleavage cover
modesty panel and cleavage cover
modesty panel and cleavage cover
Low $50 minimum order.

Payment due at time of order.

Copy of Retail Merchant
Certificate required before order
will ship.

Inclusion in our online list
retail. stores that carry our

Packaged for neat and easy peg
hook display.

Selling aides. With your
first order, we provide you with a
Display sign and a Size and Fit

To help keep your shipping and
handling charges as
low as possible, they are
calculated when the order
is prepared for shipping.

Place orders by phone, fax,
email, or postal mail.

Most orders ship within 2-3
weeks. Small orders may ship
within 7 days. You will be
notified of expected shipping
time for all orders and notified
when the order does ship.

Flawed products may be
exchanged for same style and
size. Return with notation of flaw.

We strive to maintain excellence
on the construction of all of our
chemisettes. They are handmade
so human error may occasionally
occur. Flawed products will be
exchanged in kind. Simply
return the product with a copy of
your receipt.or packing slip.
Please help us to better serve the wholesale market by sending us your comments.
View a video of the benefits of
our chemisettes that have
made women  around the
world fall in love with them.
Modesty Panels Wholesale
The pictures on your website
do not come close to doing
your product justice. The
chemisette was gorgeous and
looks beautiful with the dress
for which I bought it! Thank
Diane B. Holbrook, MA
This page is for retailers only.
All wholesale orders require a $50 minimum and a copy of your
Retail Merchant Certificate. Place orders by fax, phone, email, or postal mail.
modesty panel
The inside of the
package provides tips
for getting the best
possible fit and
confidence while
Created by skilled U.S. seamstresses
using high quality materials.
Chemisettes by Anne
view shopping cart
We introduced our patent-pending chemisette in 2007, when
there was nothing even close to it on the market.

We put the time and effort into our product before marketing
it by having a focus group of women wear our initial designs.
This focus group provided us with feedback of what they
liked and what they would like us to do differently, a claim
none of our competitors make. Our group included women
sizes 4 to 20 and ages 18 to 60. The result of that effort is the
chemisette you see today. Since that time a rush of modified
knock-offs have appeared.

Here are the numerous ways the chemisette continues to be
the superior modesty panel and cleavage cover.

I ordered a similar item from another company and put it back in the mail as soon as I got it. I am large in the bust and even their Large size wasn't right...it looked funny and felt weird.
Alison G. Clarkston, GA.

I own the "As seen on TV" ones but I don't like them because of the cheap lace on those, so I rarely wear them! ...I also LOVE it that these are made in the USA.
Bethany H. San Diego, CA

Many thanks for the easy transaction--way better than the one as seen on TV!
Cara H., San Gabriel, CA

This is a superior product to what is purchased off tv or in discount stores. !!
Trevas S., Brighton, CO

Excellent communication. Better product than those As Seen on TV ones.
Tonya P., Fredericksburg, VA

I have narrow shoulders, a high larger bust line, and regardless of what I wear, I run the risk of having cleavage showing without a Chemisette. BTW, I tried the Cami Secret a few weeks ago and absolutely HATE Them! They do not provide the full coverage, being a narrower product toward the bottom. I do NOT enjoy their plastic attachment at all.
Tracey S. Boise, ID

AWESOME! Thank you so much!! I'm glad to have found these as I got that "Cami Secret" as seen on tv... and I don't see how the snaps fit on ANYONE'S bra straps. Your design looks MUCH better and versatile!... I'm sure I'll be ordering more soon!
Vanessa H. Carbondale, IL

I have other "cleavage covers" but the Chemisette is by far superior. The lace is gorgeous and the quality is far better than anything else out there. I highly recommend this company to others... These people are wonderful! I will buy more! Thank you!
Susan G. Carlsbad, CA

I have looked for them all over the internet and in catalogs, and was either turned away by "sticky dots" that I would have to replace as I used the cover up, or they were made of sheer lacy material that would show my cleavage anyway! I love your product, and will order more for myself and others in my family who are looking for something as well made and functional as your product. Thank you so much for your very well made, and highly functional Chemisettes!
Lori H. Kaysville, UT

Yours are the most elegant, yet practical Chemisettes I've ever had! Your customer service was amazing. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks!
Fern B. Philadelphia, PA

I know other places sell them but with an adhesive tape which seems messy and not practical. The Chemisettes are exceptional quality and craftsmanship. I was very pleased to find the sizing was accurate and they are beautiful. I am glad you are out there!
Holly B., Colton, CA

Your site is an answer to prayer. Every inconvenience you listed fits me, except being a nursing mom. I was on the internet trying to find a clothing magazine that advertised a similar product to yours... and I would much rather support an individual seller than a big company. I am so glad to have found your site!
Nancy M. Cincinnati, OH

The back of the package allows customers to
measure and size themselves. The zip closure bag
allows you to easily remove and replace if a
customer wants to try it on. The bag has a hole for
neat and easy peg display.

While the size is listed on the back of the package,
we also put a size sticker on the front of the package
for our wholesale customers, to make it easier to
identify the size without removing the package from
the display.
modesty panel
modesty panel
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Chemisettes - The modesty panels and cleavage covers that provide
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Cleavage covers and modesty panels that provide
Style and Function with Comfort and Ease!
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Chemisettes by Anne were chosen for
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given to all guests in attendance at  the
40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.
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