Chemisettes by Anne™

Chemisettes by Anne were born out of a desire to have the benefits of a camisole or tank top without the negatives of wearing two layers. I didn’t like the idea of turtleneck or mock turtleneck dickeys. Even in weather appropriate for a turtleneck, I didn’t like the idea of pulling them over my already styled hair and completed make-up. I was tired of being dressed and deciding I needed that something extra and then having to take a garment off to put a camisole on, and then putting the original garment back on. If I went out wearing a camisole and became too warm, I had to live with until I got home or…. I had to find a ladies room to take the blouse off first, then the camisole off, then put the blouse back on – and then hope our handbag was large enough to put the camisole in until we got home.

About fifteen years ago I found something that was called a lace dickey. It was one-size fits all and attached to bra straps using plastic garter clips. The one size really didn’t fit me. While it did stretch, it didn’t stretch enough so it pulled the bra straps in quite a bit. Having it stretched as much as it would make the lace look odd. The lace was tall and floppy, so it didn’t always stay up and I really don’t wear much lace anyway. The plastic garter clips didn’t fit well on my wider or thicker bra straps and they made my skin raw and sore if I wore it for more than an hour or so. Eventually the clips broke. Still, I recognized the idea as a good one.

I got to work on designing something similar that would fit many sizes of women well, be comfortable, have many functions, have many styles, be high quality and look nice. I then asked some women to wear our new pretend camisoles and report back to me what didn’t work for them or what they didn’t like. After several months of feedback, trial and error, and design changes, I arrived at what you see today. While researching lots of different names for my new product, I came across the chemisette [pronounced shem-uh-zet’] garment from the mid-19th century that served a similar purpose. It seemed appropriate to use the same term.

Women seemed to quickly fall madly in love with my chemisettes. They started writing to us with clothing issues that they solved for them personally. Read 12 clothing issues women commonly experience and how our modesty panels solve those issues.

Lots of imitations have appeared on the market since I began selling my chemisettes in 2007. Even the lace dickey has reappeared on the market. Because Chemisettes by Anne owns a patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,371,901 B2) on this design, the imitations simply don’t offer the same level of functionality. You will also find chemisettes come in a variety of fabrics and styles, and a broad range of colors. Because our chemisettes are handmade by skilled seamstresses, using high quality materials, here in the United States, our quality exceeds that of the imitations.

Superior quality and functionality, and excellent customer service, will always be our top priorities. You can read feedback we’ve received from lots of customers.

We are so sure you will love your chemisette, that we offer a 30-day guarantee. If you don’t love it, just return it and tell us why you didn’t so we can use that information to continue improving our products. Of course, if you have your own reasons for loving our chemisettes, we would love to hear from you

After working for many years in management positions for local, national, and international businesses, Anne started her own company in 1999, in Indianapolis, Indiana, after finishing her M.A. in Psychology. The focus of her studies was dreams, spiritual life, and research. Through her new company, named The Wisdom of Dreams, she worked as a dream consultant. As a dream specialist, she gave lectures, taught classes, led dream groups, and saw individuals for private consultations. In the meantime, she continued her education to complete a Ph.D. in humanities so she could continue to pursue her passion for dreams and spiritual life.

Several years after she started her company, one of Anne’s uncles passed away. As she drove home from the visitation, she contemplated the hours she had just spent with friends of her uncle and family. Thinking about the stories that she had heard and the poster boards that displayed so many aspects of his life, she realized she had not heard or seen anything about how he had made his living. She realized that life for him was obviously not about making a living. It was about making a life – and it was the way she wanted to live her life. At that moment she made the decision to be much more conscious about how she spends her days, and she changed the name of her business to reflect that. Her company took the name Making A Life LLC.

Making A Life LLC now comprises several divisions, all representing Anne’s passions, goals, and worldview. Chemisettes by Anne is the latest division of Making A Life. It was founded in 2007 to make and sell the modesty panel that Anne designed. She applied for and was granted a patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,371,901 B2) for her chemisette.

We are proud to have established an international reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Our chemisettes are all handcrafted, which means human error does occur from time to time. However, we are diligent about making sure our customers are satisfied with the way any issues are resolved.

Join the many thousands of satisfied customers, and give us a chance to provide you with the excellent product and service that we work hard to provide each and every day.

To produce a high-quality, reasonably priced women’s fashion accessory that addresses many apparel issues women face related to budget, fashion (low necklines), physical condition (surgical scars, skin conditions, tattoos, cleavage), stage of life (menopause), motherhood (pregnancy and nursing), profession (teachers, caregivers, businesswomen), and more.

To provide exceptional customer service, and to make sure that concern for profit does not get in the way of doing what is right for our customers.

We value integrity, honesty, kindness and respectful treatment of all others.

We believe that all companies have a social responsibility to make a positive impact on the customers they serve and the communities they live in.

We believe that companies have as much responsibility as individuals to do what they can to take care of the planet.

We live this responsibility by treating others with kindness and respect, and by running our business in a manner that is good for others and for the planet.

Plus, the website and the materials that came with the product were written in such a kind tone. Your company is a pleasure to do business with! Thank you!” – Kitty F., Evanston, IL

Let me tell you the customer service is beyond measurable! These people are wonderful! I will buy more! Thank you!” – Susan G., Carlsbad, CA

First of all, let me tell you that I did not dare hope that you would actually offer a replacement of this order. I am quite surprised, and also very pleased to find you to be such an honorable and reputable merchant. You will forever be very high on my recommendation list and I will go to Amazon and give you a superior rating. I appreciate the position you have taken on this so much, and now am quite embarrassed to report that I misplaced this order right here in my own home. Please accept my apologies for waving the red flag unnecessarily. However, all was not lost because it has brought to light the goodness and fairness of your organization. God bless you and thank you.” – Cindy L., Kadoka, SD