5 Reasons Why Chemisettes by Anne is the Best Choice

Whenever I go shopping, I see a lot of women’s clothing that are perfect for work to play functions.

The only problem with these? A lot have very low necklines.

Low-cut tops and dresses are fine if you’re comfortable showing some skin, but they may not be appropriate in the workplace (schools and church also).

In fact, a lot of our customers commented that they haven’t been able to wear their favorite clothing because of too-low necklines. The problem sounds easy to solve – just wear a camisole underneath and you don’t have to worry about over exposure.

But that’s not the best approach since camisoles add bulk to your clothing and are often hot to wear (imagine wearing a camisole under a slinky satin top).  You sometimes have to pull them up at the top or down at the bottom when they bunch up. And they don’t keep you covered when you bend over.

Anne Frey introduced Chemisettes by Anne in 2007 and had a great following of women who are concerned about showing skin in their low-cut tops. (You can read more about how we started here.)

Since then a lot of knockoffs have appeared on the market but none have the same quality of materials and craftsmanship that we offer. Most of the knock-offs also don’t keep you covered when you bend over and most don’t allow the customer to decide how high or low to wear it. Our elastic loops create tension that keep it at the height the customer chooses. My design is patented in the U.S.

What makes Chemisettes by Anne different?

We’re proud to say that our brand is a pioneer in the market and that our products are exceptionally great in doing its job which is to provide coverage. We went through great lengths in making sure that our chemisettes are functional, comfortable, and best of all, beautiful.

Here are the things that set us apart from the competition:

  1. Tested design – The shape of our Chemisette is unlike other mock camis in the market. A popular type of cami insert is the V-shaped one that you can attach to the bottom of your bra for added security. During our testing, we found that fastening the chemisette at the bottom makes it slide down whenever you bend, exposing more cleavage as you move. Misunderstanding. When you attach it at the bottom it stays exactly in place – which is the problem. With some tops, that means when you bend over, your bra and torso can be exposed. If they are wearing a winkie (attached at the bottom) the winkie can be seen. With chemisettes not being attached at the bottom, the top of the chemisette stays next the skin and the bottom of the chemisette falls away from the skin just as the outergarment does. This keeps you completely covered. Kind of hard to explain without my hands. That defeats the purpose of wearing a cami insert! Our chemisettes have a unique patented attachment (no Velcro or sticky adhesives here!) that keeps them at the right height. Since you don’t need to attach the cami to the bottom of your bra, the chemisette stays flush to the skin regardless of movement. Not attaching at the bottom does also allow them to vary the height they wear it.
  2. Provides extra coverage without the bulk – Have you ever tried wearing a tank top or camisole underneath a blouse or a dress? You may have noticed that they tend to bunch up and twist throughout the day. A cami insert provides full coverage that is similar to a traditional camisole but without the bulk. No more unsightly lines to mess your top!
  3. Stylish but comfortable to wear – Lace mock camis look sexy, but they are often uncomfortable to the skin. Our chemisettes are made with silky peach skin, which is very soft to the touch – you’d forget that you’re wearing them! Peach skin is a smooth finish applied to fabrics. They are very lightweight and allows our chemisettes to flow with your movements. Best of all, they can be worn even on a scorching summer day! We do have many chemisettes with lace – but the lace is sewn on top of the peach skin so it doesn’t touch the skin or barely touches the skin. We also offer chemisettes in cotton. The last time I looked at the knock-offs none of them are offering anything in cotton. Some women prefer cotton because it is a natural fabric rather than polyester.
  4. Accurate sizing – Our chemisettes don’t follow a one-size-fits-all pattern. We have created a measuring and size chart to help our customers find the right size for them. Sometimes getting the right fit for the first time doesn’t happen and we are always happy to help our customers find their sizes. It has been very rare that our sizes didn’t work for someone who used our measuring instructions and instructions on how to use the elastic loops to personalize the fit.
  5. High quality, affordable price – All our chemisettes are made in the US by skilled seamstresses. They are handmade and go through rigorous quality control to make sure our customers get the best quality. While we are not the least expensive in the market, we make sure that our chemisettes are worth every penny. Luxurious and pretty, our mock camis are perfect for any kind of occasion.

Not all chemisettes are created equal. You can see the difference once you have it on. Check out our new styles and colors from our shop. Because if have a trademark on Chemisettes by Anne, I have not seen a knock-off that calls their product a chemisette. Most use terms like mock camisoles, modesty panels and cleavage covers.