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Don’t be fooled by imitations.

[vc_column_text]When we introduced our modesty panels in 2007, there was nothing like it on the market. Modesty panels are a deceptively simple garment. As with other types of women’s apparel, one design cannot offer a perfect solution for all issues and all women.

Modesty Panel Comparison Chart

Modesty Panel Comparison Chart

View 22 point side-by-side chart comparison of 5 types of panels.

Engaging real women who wore a wide range of sizes, we researched every aspect of our new product: the size of the panels, shape, length, attachments , fabrics, function, comfort, and more. We also developed a sizing system that would work for most women based on our research and final design. Over the last 12+ years we have continued, and still continue to do research, always looking for ways to improve our modesty panels and create new products. This research, along with selling our panels around the world for these 12+ years, continue to prove that they can fit and function as we promise <strong>IF</strong> you use our measuring instructions and size chart and then follow our instructions for attaching the panel.

 Patent and Trademark

This prompted us to apply for a patent on our researched, tested design. We were confident that our product would be a big hit and that others would create imitations. Our U.S. patent was awarded to Making A Life LLC, dba Chemisettes by Anne. (US 8,731,901 B2) and our trademark registered.[/vc_column_text]

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Research and product development prior to marketing allowed us to create the high quality modesty panel that we offer today. Our focus group included women sizes 4 to 20 and ages 18 to 60. They wore the chemisettes and provided feedback on every aspect of our design. As a result of that effort, our chemisette continues to be the superior product of its kind on the market.

5 Sizes

We know that one size cannot possibly fit all women at the bustline. Our specific measuring instructions and size chart were the most crucial results from our focus group and from customer feedback. Not only do the five sizes offer a good fit for a wide range of women, the elastic loops can be double-wrapped around one or both bra straps and/or one or both buttons to achieve an ideal individual fit.

… it is SO GOOD that you do  a range of sizes I have never  been able to buy  a panel due to not being a skinny Minnie. it is an easy product to get the hang of and to my mind you cover all bases in your fact sheet.” –  Damaris H., Northampton, UK  Aug 2013

Thank you so much for creating these! I am large busted and did not think I would be able to wear them. I was extremely pleased with the quality and comfort of using them.” – Anonymous, Aug 2010

The chemisettes are exceptional quality and craftmanship. I was very pleased to find the sizing was accurate and they are beautiful.” –  Holly B., Colton, CA  Oct 2008

 Bra Strap Fit

Our patented attachment works on any bra strap, regardless of width or thickness. They won’t break and won’t irritate the skin.

I tried some from a mail order catalog and they did not fit over my wide bra straps.  Because yours have elastic, they fit perfectly.” – Kathy L., Middleton, DE   Aug 2010

I’m glad to have found these as I got that (copy product)… and I don’t see how the snaps fit on ANYONE’S bra straps.” – Vanessa H., Carbondale, IL  Nov 2010



Our chemisette is so easy to attach you can add it at the last minute, even after you have your outergarment on. You can easily take it off as you leave the office for a night out.

I wore this dress outfit with my  modesty panel securely in place. I like the fastenings…easy to apply and remove.” –  Elaine M., Menlo Park, CA  Jan 2011

Your chemisettes are so easy to use and make my outfits look pretty and modest.” – Anne R., Long Beach, CA  Aug 2013

Boy am I glad I purchased these.  Easy to use, looks good and I didn’t have to spend the time making them myself. I must say I appreciate the time they took to write details on the packaging regarding the use of.  It helped me out a great deal.” – Shannon H., Warren, MI  Apr 2011


Wearing Height

You choose how high or low you want to wear it. The tension created by the elastic loops keeps it in place. If it slips or doesn’t stay in place, you simply double-wrap the elastic around one or both bra straps and/or one or both buttons to achieve more tension.

Keep in mind that it is the outergarment that keeps the bottom of the chemisette in place. Some tops are simply cut too low to keep a chemisette in place. We tested making them longer but found that adding even a little extra length prevented them from laying flat and made them more visible through the outergarment.

I was super skeptical that these would do what I needed them to do, but they are perfect! I can pull them up as high as I need, and they are long, so they don’t slip out. I can bend over, they don’t gap. I don’t even realize I’m wearing it. These are awesome!” –  Alliana W., Azusa, CA  Jan 2011



The tension created by the elastic loops is what keeps the chemisette attached to the bra straps. Having enough tension and double-wrapping the loops around each button will keep the chemisette in place throughout your day. If you find that it comes unattached, simply double-wrap the loop(s) around one or both bra straps to create more tension.

I absolutely enjoy wearing them and I feel so comfy and secure with them on…I would even say ‘they are the best accessory a lady can have!” – Linda H, Dartmouth, MA July 2014



The buttons barely touch your skin, if at all, so you don’t even feel them.

I tried the (copy product) a few weeks ago and absolutely HATE Them! I do NOT enjoy their plastic attachment at all.”  –  Tracey S., Boise, ID Apr 2011

I have looked for them all over the internet and in catalogs, and was either turned away by “sticky dots” that I would have to replace as I used the cover up…” –   Lori H. Kaysville, UT Dec 2009


Product Life

In our 7+ years in business, we have yet to have a chemisette owner tell us that one of our chemisettes has worn out. We use quality materials and construction so you can wear your chemisettes for many years.

I have other “cleavage covers” but the Chemisettes is by far superior. The lace is gorgeous and the quality is far better than anything else out there. I highly recommend this company to others.” –   Susan G., Carlsbad, CA  Feb 2010

I received my order and must say I was so pleasantly surprised with your product.  It is beautifully constructed with quality finishing. I love them!” –  Amy D., North Wales, PA  Mar 2008

There’s absolutely no comparison between the high quality Chemisettes by Anne and the cheap mock-panels I’ve found elsewhere. I highly recommend your product!” –  Mary K, West Bloomfield, MI  Dec 2013



Our chemisettes or the attachments do not typically show through the outergarment. If the outline of your bra shows through your outergarment, then the outline of the chemisette may also be noticeable. Our buttons are smooth and do not create a bump or bulge on the outergarment.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


The shape and length of our chemisette tested best for lying flat and smooth. Going longer or rectangular made it more visible under a wide variety of outergarments.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Our chemisette keeps you covered when you lean forward. Again because of our patent-pending attachments, the top of the chemisette doesn’t fall away from the skin when you lean forward. We don’t attach them at the bottom so the bottom can fall away from the bust when you lean forward – and prevent anyone from looking down your outergarment.

I just got my first Chemisettes and am delighted with them. The quality is excellent , and I liked being able to bend without having to worry about anything showing. With the deep V-necks that are popular today, it’s been hard to buy blouses. Thanks for solving the problem!” – Lori H Boise ID Aug 2010

They fit very well and lay flat no matter what position or activity I participate in. I noticed that some have asked that they be attached at the bottom as well. This is not necessary as they lay very well with any top I wear.  Even when I lift or bend or stretch they seem to stay put and in place. Thanks again for a wonderful well made product.” – Susan B., Herriman, UT  Nov 2012

A great product that is well made. I work in a classroom. Your product prevents the male students from looking down my tops when I bend over to help them. Thank you.” –  Anne M., Toronto, Canada  Mar 2011



We use top quality materials from trusted suppliers. Our chemisettes are hand-crafted by skilled seamstresses in the United States.

Well, it’s not enough that you make this product right here in the good ole U S of A, you had to go and make an affordable product that is of the highest quality! Bravo! Magnifico!” – Deb A., Hibbing, MN  Aug 2013

Very pleased. Thank you for such great quality. Can’t wait to let others know about your product.” – C.R. Pittsford, NY  Aug 2010

Thank you for making such a high quality and useful product!” –  Susan M, Gainesville, FL  Jul 2010



We want our customers to find the perfect chemisette for any occasion and any outer garment. We offer a variety of fabrics and colors. We regularly add new styles and colors. Custom orders are also welcome.

Your product is amazing!  I love that they come in different sizes and styles.  I have been passing my catalog around to all the women I work with.” –  Ginny E Coon Rapids, MN Aug 2010



Because our chemisettes are hand-crafted, in the U.S., using high quality materials, our chemisettes are not the least expensive on the market. When you buy a chemisette, you are paying for quality, fit, and function and a product that will serve you well for many years. You won’t get that with the imitations.

They fit perfectly, the fabric is smooth and very good quality and they provide me with the modesty I have been looking for. Thank you so much for making such a great product at a wonderful price. ” – Tracey A. HI  June 2013

I saw several national ads for similar products in my Good Housekeeping and More magazine.  Your products are much more reasonably priced, you offer way more variety, and you are from Indiana, US! ” –  Susan Z Fort Wayne, IN  March 2009