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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions about our product.

Is the chemisette comfortable to wear?

The chemisette is very comfortable. You'll be surprised...and likely even forget you have it on. The fabrics are chosen for weight and softness. They touch your skin ever so lightly, if at all. The attachments were chosen for comfort and fit. You may never go back to camisoles and tank tops.

Will I feel the buttons?

Many buttons have been tested to find the ideal button for the chemisette. We use small, shank buttons with flat, smooth tops so they won't irritate your skin. Most customers say they don't feel the buttons.

Will the chemisette lay flat, and stay flat, as I move around?

The tension created by the elastic loops is what makes the chemisette lay flat and stay flat. The elastic loops can be double-wrapped around one or both bra straps and/or one or both buttons to achieve enough tension and assure it will stay flat as you move about your day.

Will it move up or down my bra straps as I’m wearing it, or will it come out of my blouse or top?

The chemisette is designed so you can wear it at different heights. Use the elastic loops to create enough tension to keep it at your desired height. It is the outer-garment that keeps the edges of the chemisette from coming out. If the edge of the chemisette is too close to the neckline edge of the outer garment, there is little to hold it in place, and a chance that it might come out. If you are concerned, you could try tucking the chemisette into the cups of your bra.

Could you make it so it can be attached at the bottom also?

Attaching at the bottom would work against several key features of the chemisette. The shape of our chemisette allows it to lay while wearing. Attaching it at the bottom of the bra would tend to pull and pucker the fabric. If the chemisette attached at the bottom, it would need to be worn at the same height by everyone, with any outergarment. The top edge keeps cleavage covered when you lean forward, and the bottom edge falls away from the body, keeping you covered as far down as your waist. If it were attached at the bottom, your bra and torso would still be exposed when you bend over.

Will it stay at the height I place it?

If you purchase the correct size and use our tips for adjusting the elastic loops, it will stay at your desired height. You can double-wrap one or both loops around one or both bra straps and/or one or both buttons achieve tension and assure the best possible fit.

Will the outline of the chemisette show through my blouse or sweater?

This is typically not a problem. If the lines of a bra might be visible, then the outline of the chemisette may be visible as well. This may be especially true if a blouse or sweater fits very close to the body. If you have purchased a larger size than needed, there is more chance that the outline will be noticeable. We use lightweight, quality fabrics to help avoid this problem. Some of our customers have reported that tucking the chemisette into the cups of the bra has prevented show through.

Will the color of the chemisette show through my blouse or sweater?

If a colored bra would show through the blouse or sweater then there is also a chance that a chemisette will show through. White, ivory, and other pale colors are least likely to show through.

Is it hard to attach?

The chemisette is very easy for anyone to attach. You are simply pulling an elastic loop around your bra strap and onto a button. Even someone with limited dexterity will find it easy to put on or take off. Click here to view three images that show how easy it is to attach.

What do I do if the strap-to-strap measurement isn’t the same on all of my bras?

This is quite common. This could be addressed one of two ways.

  1. Use the measurement of the bra you wear most often to determine your size. Then, use the elastic loops to tweak the fit when you wear your other bras.
  2. Take the measurement wearing 2 or 3 of your different bras and use the average measurement to determine your chemisette size. You can then use the elastic loops to tweak the fit with whichever bra you are wearing.

Will it fit on my wide or thick bra straps?

This is yet another benefit of our patent-pending attachments. The elastic loops allow it to easily fit bra straps of any width or thickness.

Is there any chance that it will come undone?

Double-wrapping the elastic loop around the buttons can give you extra security that it won't come undone. The tension created by the elastic loops is what keeps it in place. If the loops feel loose after attaching them to the button, they may be a chance that it will come undone. To prevent this, be sure to follow our measuring and size chart and our tips for using the elastic loops to get enough tension.

What can I do if I ordered the wrong size?

All chemisettes can be exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Is quality of construction ever an issue?

Because quality is so important to us, we monitor it closely to catch any issues before shipment. However, each chemisette is hand-crafted. This means that there may be an occasional flaw, such as a button that is too loose. In this case, simply let us know and we will send you a new one along with a prepaid return envelope for you to return the original to us.  

Can you make some with a more rounded neckline?

Our patented elastic loop and button attachment creates tension that provides many of the benefits that the imitations don't have, such as staying against your skin when you bend over, being able to wear it at different heights, being able to tweak the size for a perfect individual fit, and more. That needed tension prevents us from being able to make a rounded neckline. It would simply pull a rounded top edge straight. It would keep the chemisette from laying flat and it would tend to show through the outer garment.

Money is so tight right now. How can I be sure this is what I am looking for?

There really is only one way to be sure. Try one! We take away the risk by offering a 30-day money-back guarantees. If you are a U.S. customer, you don't even pay shipping. Our clearance products are a lower cost way to give them a try. If you decide to return it, we ask that you include a note letting us know why you are requesting a refund. Products MUST be returned with the original packaging and show no signs of wear or damage by the buyer. We will issue a refund within 2 business days of receiving the returned chemisette. NOTE: It is important that you use our size charts in determining what size product to purchase.

I have a question that isn’t listed here…

We welcome your questions. You can submit your question using our online contact form or email to info@chemisettesbyanne.com If you give us your email address, we will send you a personal response, and we will add your question to this page for others to benefit from