Modesty Panel Comparison Chart

When shopping for a modesty panel, consider what benefits are most important to you, or for the outer garment you are wearing it with, and then find the panel that best meets those needs. (Cell borders do not show up with some browsers.)



Loop and Button Chemisettes by Anne (U.S. Patent No. US 8,731,901 B2)Snap         AttachmentPlastic Clip  AttachmentSpandex Tubes Wraps around   torso
Designed to stay in placeXXXXX
Designed to look like a second layer or part of the outer garment rather than looking like an undergarment.XXnoXX
Wear for unlimited hours with no skin irritationXXnoXX
Cover Cleavage onlyXXXsomewhatX
Cover Scars, Skin Conditions or Tattoos — no matter where it is located on the chest (when attached as instructed)XnononoX
Works on any width or thickness of bra strap.XXnonana
Not felt while worn  (unless you have unusually sensitive skin)XXnonono
Easily removable in publicXnot if attached at bottomXnono
Available in 5 sizes.Xnononosome
Allows the fit to be personalized.Xnononono
Keeps you covered to the waist when you bend at the waist (when attached as instructed)Xnononono
Offers coverages from one bra strap to the other (when attached as instructed)Xmaybe – sometimesmaybe – sometimesnana
Designed to lay flat as you move through your day (when attached as instructed)Xnot if attached  at the bottomnonono
Avoids the extra warmth or bulk that can come with wearing two layers.XXXnono
Made in the U.S.A.Xunknownnounknownunknown
Keeps you covered while wearing the deepest V-neck.nonononono
Keeps you covered as you move when wearing wrap type or very loose outer garmentsnonononono
May show through snug fitting or very lightweight outer garments. (If any part of a bra outline is noticeable through an outer garment, then some part of any modesty panel may also be noticeable.)XXXXX
STYLE OPTIONSLoop and Button Chemisettes by Anne  (U.S. Patent No. US 8,731,901 B2)Snap         AttachmentPlastic Clip     AttachmentSpandex Tubes Wraps around   torso
Available in styles without lace.XXnoXX
Fabric choices that will go well with anything—casual,  social, business, professional, formal.Xnononono
Available in 100% cottonXunknownnonounknown
No see-through fabric or lace.Xsomesomesomesome