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Are you a teacher, caregiver or businesswoman who is afraid to lean to far or bend over because you don’t want students, patients, or colleagues looking down your blouse or top? Do you have a scar, tattoo or skin condition that is a bit too high for tank tops and camisoles to cover? Do you constantly pull your top or blouse up to make sure you keep as covered as you prefer? Do you just limit your shopping selections so you don’t have to deal with any of these issues?

Our patented chemisette / modesty panels are an ideal solution to all of these issues. You choose how high or low you wear it. The tension created by the elastic loops keep it in place. When you bend over, the top edge of the chemisette stays by your skin while the bottom edge falls away. This keeps you covered all the way to your waist. In business for 12 years, the competitor products simply do not compare.

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