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How do you make sure you have what you need when you don’t want to carry your handbag? Maybe you have pockets and stick some cash, a credit card, cell phone, and handkerchief in there. Oops! No pockets today. Then you might stick them into your bra. Not only is that uncomfortable, is can cause cash or tissues to get moist if you get hot. And, it is simply not good for your health to carry your cell phone right against your breasts.What you need is a Bra Pocket!

Our bra pocket was created as an alternative solution for women who like to tuck things into their bra. They are made with a silky, soft, lightweight, polyester fabric. They don’t make you hot as you might expect from polyester. They are super soft so they aren’t at all scratchy. The top edge of the pocket stays against your skin when you bend over, but the bottom falls away from your skin. This keeps things from falling out without the need for a clasp or closure for you to fumble with.

If you want to wear it as an accessory to your outer-garment, it blends well with most fabrics. Put your cell phone, cash, tissue and more in your bra pocket instead of your bra.

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