12 Clothing Issues for Women One Fabulous Solution!

Many of today’s styles for women are designed with low necklines that leave breast cleavage exposed. This is not comfortable for many women or is simply inappropriate in some settings such as the office, school, or church. Camisoles and tank tops may address this issue, but with the discomforts and inconveniences already mentioned. The top edge of camisoles and tank tops can also become lower on the chest as a woman goes about her day, and end up not providing the desired coverage, or causing the woman to “pull up” the outer or under garment throughout the day. Once the chemisette is attached to the bra straps at the desired height, the tension created by the elastic loops keep there with no need for tugging and pulling at your garments throughout the day.

While a neckline may be perfectly modest or appropriate on a woman of average height, it may tend to fall too low on a more petite woman, leaving her more exposed than is comfortable for her. Chemisettes are an easy and comfortable way to get that little extra coverage.

Some necklines are perfectly modest or appropriate, unless or until a woman begins moving. As she moves about the day it can be come lower. Women find themselves, through-out the day, pulling up their top at the shoulders to assure they are not exposing more of their chest area than they desire to. Camisoles and tank tops do not offer a solution as they can also become lower as a woman moves through her day. The unique, patented attachment of the chemisette solves this problem. The tension created by the elastic loops keeps the chemisette at the desired height.

Some women may prefer modesty for church, office or school, but enjoy showing cleavage when socializing. Chemisettes provide women with a stylish and easy way to adapt their wardrobe. As they leave the office, school, or church, they can simply reach for the loop and button of the chemisette, unhook it, and remove the chemisette. In just seconds, and with no need to find a private room to change, they are ready for their social activities.

Unfortunately, there is a high occurrence of breast cancer and heart disease among women. When surgery is required, these women are often left with undesirable scars. The current options for covering these scars with clothing involves buttoning a blouse high – up to the neck, wearing only garments with high necklines, or wearing an undergarment with a high neckline such as t-shirt. Camisoles and tank tops do not typically come high enough on the chest to provide a solution. Because of the fabrics used for undergarments with high necklines, they add unwanted bulk. In warm weather, they can be uncomfortably warm. Chemisettes unique, patented attachment allows a woman to wear it as high as she needs to cover scars, without the discomforts of wearing layers.

The current economic status in the United States prevents some women from updating or expanding their wardrobe. Chemisettes are an inexpensive way to give a fresh look to your current wardrobe.

The layered look is a current style that can often only be achieved by wearing two layers of garments and experiencing the various discomforts that can come with wearing two layers. (Bulkiness, bunching, twisting, becoming lower throughout the day). Chemisettes provide the layered look without the discomforts or expense of a full camisole or tank top.

Wearing camisoles or tank tops under another garment for function or style can cause a woman to be warmer than is comfortable. This is especially problematic for women in menopause. Chemisettes provide the function or style without the added warmth of two garments.

Nursing mothers need easy accessibility, making layers for modesty impractical or impossible. Chemisettes provide that modesty without limiting accessibility. Because they don’t attach at the bottom, they don’t have to be removed for nursing and they don’t get in the way.

When a woman bends over or leans forward to assist a student, patient, or co-worker, garments (even camisoles) fall away from the skin and bares the body—sometimes as far down as the waist – unless they are buttoned up close to the neck or have a high neckline. Chemisettes unique design keeps the top edge lightly against the woman’s chest, even when leaning forward or bending over. Because it does not attach at the bottom of the bra like some other modesty panels, the bottom of the chemisette falls away with the neckline of the outer garment to provide complete coverage.

Some women have an issue with bra straps sliding down their shoulder. They find themselves frequently reaching for the straps and pulling them up. Chemisettes patented attachment provides tension between the bra straps that keep them in place.

Packing lightly for travel can be a necessity or simply a desire. Chemisettes are small in size and weigh only about an ounce each. One blouse, top, or sweater along with 3 chemisettes provides 4 variations for a travel wardrobe.