Customer Feedback

Thank you, I received my order today and am very happy with your chemisettes.  I would like also to let you know how happy I am with your customer service department.  I contacted you about not receiving a message about delivery and the same day received a message back saying that it had been shipped and they did not know why I did not receive a confirmation of shipping.  It is nice in this day and age to have such great customer service.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone.” – Jackie Z. March 2015

I’m a registered nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. The scrubs have such low necklines and I want more modesty without an extra layer of clothing. This is the answer.” – Carolyn C., Fairfax Station, VA December 2013

I received my order today and I am very pleased. I have looked for something like these for years- I was so happy to run across your website!” –  Denise G., Walters, OK December 2013

Just want to tell you how great I think your product is. The panel stays in place and looks wonderful! You have saved me from getting rid of several blouses that I really like! Many thanks!” –  Janis H., Delano, MN November 2013

You were so right by suggesting the next size larger and washing them. They are perfect now. Thank you.” –  Linda S., Lake City, FL November 2013

I received the chemisettes, and I love them! They fit perfectly, are well made, and are so much nicer than a similar product I bought in a store. Thanks so much for all of your help and patience.” – Kathy B., Coopersburg, PA August 2013

Many many thanks for your fast and efficient service. I am coming back for more in different colours. It is SO GOOD that you do a range of sizes. I have never been able to buy a panel due to not being a skinny Minnie (and as no good with a sewing machine or hand stitching). I have been uncomfortable wearing a few of my clothes due to too much on show, so left them in my wardrobe. It is an easy product to get the hang of and to my mind you cover all bases in your fact sheet. I will be passing on DETAILS OF HOW TO BUY to friends and relations as I cannot fault you.” – Demaris H., Northampton, UK August 2013

I love to wear dresses and so many are cut too low. Your chemisettes are so easy to use and make my outfits look pretty and modest.” – Anne R., Long Beach, CA August 2013

Well, it’s not enough that you make this product right here in the good ole U S of A, you had to go and make an affordable product that is of the highest quality! Bravo! Magnifico!” – Deb A., Hibbing, MN August 2013

My order was sent right out and I was pleased with it. It was just what I needed for my low-cut dress.” – Nell M., Prattville, AL August 2013

I love my pink peach skin chemisette. Allows me, mastectomy survivor, to wear deep v-necks.” – Catherine M., July 2013

Looks beautiful and fits well with low cut tops!” – Cindy H., Las Vegas, NV July 2013

This is a great product! I didn’t completely understand how it was used when I ordered it and it took me awhile to figure it out once it arrived. I finally did and wore it once. It’s wonderful! It’s been 95 degrees in Chicago and now I no longer need to wear a steamy stretchy camisole under some of my favorite tops! You’re brilliant! Plus, the website and the materials that came with the product were written in such a kind tone. Your company is a pleasure to do business with! Thank you!” – Kitty F., Evanston, IL July 2013

I just had to write and tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the two chemisettes I purchased (1 white, 1 black). They fit perfectly, the fabric is smooth and very good quality and they provide me with the modesty I have been looking for. Thank you so much for making such a great product at a wonderful price.” – Tracy A., Hawaii June 2013

What a great way to hide the mastectomy scar that peeks out of deep V-necks!” – Catherine R., Pacific, MO June 2013

I have had my set of Chemisettes for several weeks, and I love them. I can wear shirts, with ease, that I was constantly checking for over-exposure before. It stays in place, looks as if it were a shirt and totally does it’s job!! Workmanship is top-notch as is the fabric!” Bonnie C. June 2013

Thanks! I have used your product with another dress and it was perfect. Now it is the wedding of my daughter so a special event to be sure!!!!” – Linda J., Rockport, MA June 2013

Thank you so much! They worked perfectly for our womens’ choir uniforms!” – Terry G., Las Cruces, NM January 2013

Thank you for your great customer service!” – Alysssa P., Essex Junction, VT January 2013

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product. Like other customers have mentioned (on your website), I too have bought the knock offs, and they are terrible. When I received my chemisette order, I tried it on, and it was perfect. There are tops that I quit wearing, in the back of my closet, that I can wear again!” – Debra M., Lincoln, NE November 2012

I have tried several different kinds of modesty panels and found them all wanting. As I have several tops that are not as modest as I would prefer, I have not worn them for years. These keep me modest and have doubled my wardrobe. They fit very well and lay flat no matter what position or activity I participate in. I noticed that some have asked that they be attached at the bottom as well. This is not necessary as they lay very well with any top I wear. Even when I lift or bend or stretch they seem to stay put and in place. Thanks again for a wonderful well-made product. I have only used the Peach Skin so far but have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I have referred your product to several others and have received some feedback from them. Chemisettes by Anne are a hit!!!” – Susan B., Herriman, UT November 2012

I took my package of the set of covers out of the mailbox as my husband and I were going out for dinner tonight and I immediately put on the black lace chemisette to cover a v-neck top I had on and it fit PERFECTLY! I felt so confident and modest at dinner as I have a 34 HH bra size, 5ft 2 tall, and nowhere to put my breasts as they come up out of every top I wear other than a button down or turtle neck top. I LOVE these and I am ordering more colors right now. Great product, very well made and excellent quality! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made me so happy and I will never be afraid of buying a top or dress that I like due to modesty issues again!” – Julie S., Fruita, CA October 2012

I found a lovely dress that was the right size, right color, right length, and right price, but the neckline was way too low–your chemisette took care of the problem beautifully!” – Kathy B., Gurnee, IL September 2012

These are the neatest gadgets ever!” – Clare S., Rockland, MA Sep, 2012

I received my chemisettes today, and they fit just perfectly and look great! Thanks so much for a quality product!” – Catherine Y., Dousman, WI August 2012

A great fit, love the colors. I wear them under my tennis clothes with low necklines in the summer to prevent sunburn.” – Charlotte R., Branford, CT Aug, 2012

I have a set of 3 Cami Secrets and was not impressed, because they kept slipping down (didn’t stay in place), and color choice was limited.” – Catherine S., Lubbock, TX May, 2012

GREAT success with your chemisette! It is EXACTLY what I needed and suits my needs much more than I even dreamed possible! Please feel free to quote me, and I will be sure to “spread the good word” as well!” – Carole K. May, 2012

Absolutely delighted with the product, quality and quick delivery. Thank you for delivering to the Middle East. So many US companies won’t.” – Alison R., Bahrain May, 2012

I ordered my chemisette for the dress for my son’s wedding, which was a bit too low. I received it and tried it on and I love it! It matches the fabric on the dress perfectly and solved my dress problem! Thank you so much! I only wish I would have ordered more colors for other shirt and dress problems: )” – Donna F., Powell, WY February 2012

Thank you so much for my order. Great quality. Well made. Wish I had these 20 years ago. Very professional and highly recommended.” – Lidia W., Victoria, Australia January 2012

Just wanted you to know that I received the Chemisette and love it. The quality of work and the fabric is excellent, just like the description said. I will have you book marked just-in-case I need any more of these and will recommend you to my friends.” – Renee P., River Falls, WI January 2012

Many thanks for the easy transaction–way better than the one as seen on TV!” – Cara H., San Gabriel, CA January 2012

Never disappointed with this shop. Items come in good time just as described, always delivered securely!” – Bernadette S., Columbus, MS December 2011

Really good under v neck jumpers!! Looks better than showing off too much cleavage!!! Modesty reigns…” – Jane M., Hertfordshire, UK December 2011

Fabric swatches appear to be very good quality fabric. Nice customer service in providing swatches. Was extremely helpful in making my selection. I am really pleased that you have a 100% cotton fabric. I’m looking forward to wearing them.” – Diane M., Seabeck, WA October 2011

The Modesty Panels are fine. They are simple to use and fulfill their purpose. Thanks.” – Catherine W., Mobile, AL October 2011

Excellent. Goods very high quality. Prompt response to query. Would highly recommend.” – Josephine B., Oxfordshire, UK Aug, 2011

I really like that these are modestly panels, and boy, do women need to cover up these days! I also LOVE it that these are made in the USA. I own the “As seen on TV” ones but I don’t like them because of the cheap lace on those so I rarely wear them!” – Bethany H., San Diego, CA July 2011

This is a superior product to what is purchased off tv or in discount stores!!” – Trevas S., Brighton, CO Jun, 2011

I want you to know that you have solved a huge problem for me. I’m only 5 feet tall and curvy. There’s not much space between my neck and cleavage. I have summer tops and dresses that I haven’t worn because they are too low-cut and it’s too hot to wear a cami or other top under them. This product solves that problem. THANKS SO MUCH. I’ll be back for more when I figure out what other colors and styles I need.” – Nancy W., Mannheim, PA June 2011

Thanks for the product. It is so nice to have modest options while making shopping at regular stores easier. God bless!” – Margaret B., Washington, DC May 2011

I LOVE your chemisettes! I wear one almost every day.” – Nora M., Benbrook, TX May 2011

Had been trying to decide if I should alter my tops myself or buy these. Boy am I glad I purchased these. Easy to use, looks good and I didn’t have to spend the time making them myself. I must say I appreciate the time they took to write details on the packaging regarding the use of. It helped me out a great deal.” – Shannon H., Warren, MI April 2011

What an absolute JOY to know someone who is proposing a solution for a woman’s modesty. I have narrow shoulders, a high larger bust, and regardless of what I wear, I run the risk of having cleavage showing without a Chemisettes on. BTW, I tried the Cami Secret a few weeks ago and absolutely HATE Them! They do not provide the full coverage, being a narrower product toward the bottom. I do NOT enjoy their plastic attachment at all.” – Tracey S., Boise, ID April 2011

I LOVE the Chemisettes!” – Mary Ann W., Birmingham, AL April 2011

Joyce D, in WS, showed me the chemisettes and I’m glad to know about them. I can now wear two blouses I’ve never worn before due to the low necklines. Thanks!” – Linda D., Winston-Salem, NC March 2011

Thank you in advance for these chemisettes! I have a set already and love them enough that I’m giving away my set and getting this new one. Everyone needs these!”- Tracey S., Boise, ID March 2011

A great product that is well made. I work in a classroom. Your product prevents the male students from looking down my tops when I bend over to help them. Thank you.” – Anne M., Toronto, Canada March 2011

I just wanted to tell you thank you. I LOVE LOVE the chemisette and will be ordering a couple more. They don’t gap like tube tops or camisoles!” – Cameron W., San Antonio, TX February 2011

I was delighted with the product and immediately put the black one to use. I have a rather low-cut but elegant tank top that goes under an open jacket. For my daughter’s party, I wore this dress outfit with my modesty panel securely in place. I like the fastenings…, Easy to apply and remove. I only wanted black so gave the other two colors to my manicurist, along with the package so she could order and tell others.” – Elaine M., Menlo Park, CA Jan, 2011

I was super skeptical that these would do what I needed them to do, but they are perfect! I can pull them up as high as I need, and they are long, so they don’t slip out. I can bend over, they don’t gap. I don’t even realize I’m wearing it. These are awesome!” – Alliana W., Azusa, CA January 2011

Excellent communication. Better product than those As Seen on TV ones.” – Tonya P., Fredericksburg, VA December 2010

I am so so thrilled my friend Suzanne recommended this chemisette to me. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s PERFECT! Thank you!!” –  Ellen M., New York, NY, December 2010

AWESOME! Thank you so much!! I’m glad to have found these as I got that “cami secret” as seen on tv… and I don’t see how the snaps fit on ANYONE’S bra straps. Your design looks MUCH better and versatile! Can’t wait to get it and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more soon!” – Vanessa H., Carbondale, IL, Nov 2010

Loved the white chemisette that I ordered. It is just the perfect piece for those low v-necks that are so popular today. The only suggestion I have would be could you possibly add another loop that would go around the bottom of the bra to hold it securely down? Admittedly, I did order one size larger than I probably needed. I am telling everyone I know about these. They are fantastic. Wish I would have invented them first! The shipping was incredibly fast! I will be ordering more. Thank you!”- Diane M. Rhinelander, WI,  Nov 2010 Response from Anne: We very rarely hear that women have an issue with the chemisette coming out. We don’t use a bottom attachment for several reasons. 1) It would prevent it from laying neat and flat. 2) It would take away the adjustable height feature of our chemisette. 3) It would provide less coverage when you lean forward. With our chemisette, the top edge stays against the skin while the bottom edge falls away from the skin when you lean forward or bend over, providing complete coverage.

I am very pleased with the chemises that I purchased. I ordered one, tried it out and ordered four more, so as you can tell they are wonderful. Took me years to find something I need for low neck clothing and be assured. I will pass the word on them to my friends.” – Linda P., Versailles, MO, November 2010

I love the modesty panels, hot evening gowns transform to demure church-appropriate gowns in seconds. They install with lightning speed. I keep a pair in my purse in a little velvet bag when going to functions, the little panels keep me confident, no wardrobe malfunctions here. How about making darling red ones with a little white, faux fur on them for the holidays? (I never purchase animal fur). The same red with some 6-point silver snowflakes? (Real snowflakes have only 6 points and some  people are real sticklers for this). I would also love to have some in black with silver -point stars on  them (I live in the Silver State of Nevada :-)). Just some ideas. If you do any of these in XXL, please be sure to let me know, as I am a repeat customer and hope to buy many more styles of your panels. My 3 shiny ones are great, (be aware that some of the little shiny dots came off with the scotch tape that was used for securing them to the packaging). But, I love, love, love these.” – Betty R., Gardnerville, NV, November 2010

I have looked for ages for a chemise to cover cleavage and have spent a small fortune. I am so pleased with the one I received today that I already ordered more and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks you so much and God bless.” – Linda P., Versailles, MO, October 2010

I received my chemisettes in today’s mail. They are absolutely wonderful! I’ve already emailed my two sisters and will be telling my friend at work on Monday. She and I have already tried using a glue stick to stick our tops to our skin…that’s when you’re desperate! This is a much better solution! And thanks for getting them to me so fast! I’m sure I’ll be back to order more.” – June M., Kerrville, TX October 2010

5 stars. Exactly what I was looking for. For 30yrs. I have sewn myself ragged. Sometimes, it is just easier to buy what you want. I LOVE my new chemisette, and am so glad I didn’t (nor will I ever) make my own.” – Brynn M., Provo, UT October 2010

I say ditto to Sue B. The product fit the bill perfectly and I was shocked how fast the service was. Thanks!” – Juliette M., Charlotte, NC October 2010

Perfect design, excellent product, and speedy service. Bravo!” – Sue B., Jonesboro, TN September 2010

Just a quick note to let you know I have received the first part of my order. So pleased! Thank you.” – Sarbjit T., Scotland, UK September 2010

Was so pleased when I received my product! Extremely well made! Thank you so much!” – Raysie C. Gloucestershire, UK September 2010

I just got my first Chemisettes and am delighted with them. The quality is excellent, and I liked being able to bend without having to worry about anything showing. With the deep V-necks that are popular today, it’s been hard to buy blouses. Thanks for solving the problem!” – Lori H., Boise, ID August 2010

I purchased two of the chemisettes & I love them!  I have one suggestion:  Is there a way to make them longer?  I have a very low cut blouse & the chemisettes just barely tucked into my bra (I like to keep it a bit higher for a bit more modesty).  My toddler was squirming on my lap & the chemisette came loose & outside my shirt, exposing my skin (and this was in church! ugh!).  I would love to have a couple extra inches, if possible.” – Kimberly P., Warwick, RI August 2010 Response from Anne: I have had others request they be lengthened. I have not yet come up with a design that would allow them to be lengthened and not have the outline show through the outergarment and that would remain flat as you move through your day. The current design allows them to lay flat against the chest which prevents any bulging that might cause any part of the outline from being noticeable and prevents them from bunching or getting out of place as you move through your day. I haven’t thrown the idea out and will continue to see if I can come up with some solution. Yes, some of our customers do tuck the bottom edge into the cups of the bra to make sure the chemisette doesn’t come out of your top. Just keep in mind that this might lessen your coverage a bit, especially if you bend over.

I love being able to have a layered look without the layers! Great product!” – Donna M., Green Bay, WI, Aug 2010

The purpose of this is feedback about your site. I have a PayPal account that I don’t like to use except if it is absolutely necessary. I tried to use my credit card for my wife’s garments, but I could not use it, because I have my email registered with PayPal. Why not give the customer a choice even if he has a PayPal account?” – George S., Lafayette, LA August 2010 Response from Anne: Thank you for your feedback. A few weeks ago we began the unfortunately slow process of making numerous functional changes to our website. One of those is changing our shopping cart software so we can accept credit cards instead of PayPal. We hope to have this change completed within 2-3 weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your business.

Thank you so much for your quick service and great product. Now I feel like I can shop for tops and not have to worry about how low they are. I will be sharing your product with my friends.” – Marcia M., Anderson, IN August 2010

I was happy to find your products, too. I do dress fairly conservatively but it’s hard to find tops today that have ample coverage and yet are still somewhat stylish. The school district I work in has a new policy about clothing this year, so we female teachers are being extra careful not to show the slightest amount of cleavage or even skin! These chemisettes look like they’ll be just the ticket.” – Vivian R. August 2010

I received these today and already wore one! Thanks. They are just what I needed. – Jean B., Wausau, WI August 2010

Your product is amazing! I love that they come in different sizes and styles. I have been passing my catalog around to all the women I work with. Please add another color – something between the ivory and the light brown.” – Ginny E, Coon Rapids, MN August 2010

This is great – got it today and wore it already!! It was a great feeling not to be worried about my clothes – for a change.” – Carolyn H., South Caroline August 2010

Very pleased. Loved the charcoal peach skin. Thank you for such great quality. Can’t wait to let others know about your product.” – C.R., Pittsford, NY August 2010

I love your site. The item is just exactly what I was looking for. I was just saying to someone at church we need to make exactly what I see you’re selling and hand it out to girls who show up dressed immodestly! They could put it on right then and there!” – Catherine H., Alberta, Canada August 2010

I am so thrilled to have found these! I have to tell you that I just love these chemisettes! I have about 5 now. They fit perfectly and are a great asset to my tops. And the shipping was lightening fast. I tried some from a mail order catalog and they did not fit over my wide bra straps. Because yours have elastic, they fit perfectly. They are a perfect addition to my wardrobe and I’m so glad I found them. Thanks a bunch!” – Kathy L., Middletown, DE August 2010

I am highly impressed. The chemisettes are great. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service. It was fast, helpful, and very polite. I made an exchange that was easy and painless. The new chemisette arrived within days. Thank you!” – Amber P., Delta, UT August 2010

I just wanted to let you know how much I love Chemisettes. I teach and have shown these to everyone. All my friends love them. I love your new colors.” – Kathy H, Kingston, TN, August 2010

Very nice product and smart, fast approach to shipping. Sizing is a bit odd, though. I am a small lady and wear a large. I would think that if someone isn’t careful, they might accidentally order the wrong size.” – Shawn L., Lees Summit, MO August 2010 Response from Anne: Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps we need to have more links to our size chart on the various pages of our website. Unfortunately, some of our customers think if they were a size large top, that they will wear a size large chemisette. Our sizes were derived from the width between bra straps, which doesn’t necessarily correlate to bust size.

Thank you so much for creating these! I am large busted and did not think I would be able to wear them. I was extremely pleased with the quality and comfort of using them. And I appreciate the speedy shipping!” – Anonymous, August 2010

These really are amazing. I constantly got remarks from the boss about my tops and dresses and always had to safety pin tops to reduce the comments. No more! Thanks so much!” – Amy S., Little Elm, TX July 2010

I received my first Chemisette today, and absolutely love it! I have already ordered two more. I often find myself not purchasing low cut shirts because I do not want cleavage showing due to my large bust size. Now I can wear nice fitted shirts without that worry. It would be great to see a Chemisette in a cotton jersey (t-shirt) fabric to wear under v-neck t-shirts. I think a heather grey would look very nice and natural and less like undergarments. Thank you for making such a high quality and useful product!” – Susan M., Gainesville, FL July 2010 Response from Anne: We have received other requests for a t-shirt type fabric. We have yet to find a way to use this type of fabric and maintain our quality standard for finished product or for functionality. Because this type of fabric has so little structure, it tends not to stay in place, tends to “roll,” and could lose it’s shape with too many launderings. We will keep testing to see if we can come up with something.

I am so excited, thanks so much! I am a teacher and these will be great. I have a teacher friend that would make them out of construction paper each morning. She will LOVE these.” – Kathy H., Kingston, TN July 2010

Thank you. These are a wonderful idea for those of us who’d prefer to stay modest. As the young women in my church like to say: ‘Modest is hottest!’ I am certain these will be well used.” – Elizabeth C., Spotsylvania, VA July 2010

I wanted to let you know the chemisettes arrived on June 25th. Thank you so much. They were a perfect fit. I will enjoy wearing them and letting others know where I purchased them. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.” – Tracy B., Fishers, IN July 2010

What a great idea! I just wish I had thought of it first. They arrived in just a couple of days and are the perfect accessory – the layered look without the added weight, perfectly comfortable and hides my bra on low cut tops. Thank you!!!” – Carol T., Sun City, CA June 2010

I am so excited to get my Chemisette. I ordered a similar item from another company and put it back in the mail as soon as I got it. I am large in the bust and even their large size wasn’t right–it looked funny and felt weird. I see you have a ton of satisfied customers and I can’t wait to be one!” – Alison G., Clarkston, GA June 2010

What a great idea! I’m so excited to try out my new chemisette with all my ‘too low’ cut tops. I’ll definitely order again! Thanks.” – Jennifer W., Jasper, TX June 2010

At first I thought it would not fit being a full figured woman, I could probably have gone up to the X-large. To my satisfaction, it fits, stays in place and I don’t even know it is on unless I look in the mirror! Quality material and craftsmanship to be sure and fast secure shipping. I love it! Thank you!’ – Bernadette S., Columbus, MS June 2010

Wow. What a wonderful product. Thank you so much. Will definitely be back for more.” – Judith P., Cheshire, UK June 2010

I received one of the chemisettes I ordered today. It will be a great asset to me. Because I am plus sized, I was afraid the XL may be too small, but in fact it may be a little too large. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and find the blouses and tops that are available today mostly have deep V necks. That means I usually have to wear a tank top under the top. My only complaint is that one of the items was on backorder and I was told in an email my order was shipped. I assumed the order was complete, especially since I had already been charged for it. Thanks for a nice product. I think you should try to market to places like Jodee, who sell mastectomy supplies.” – Sue M., Salem, NY June 2010 Response from Anne: Thank you for letting us know about your concern! Your back-ordered item shipped the day after the rest of your order.

These are wonderful, and the shipping was so fast!! I had so much fun going through my clothes and finding out what I could wear them with. It’s going to be so nice to not have to wear two shirts!! I did find that the bottom edge seam bulged a bit under some of my shirts, but that goes away when I tuck it slightly into my bra. As someone who does not want any cleavage to show, these usually do provide enough coverage. However, for deep plunging necklines, it would be nice if there were some that were a little longer to be able to cover from the bottom of the plunge to high enough so no cleavage is exposed. I bought the peach skin in black, white, and ivory. A must for every wardrobe! Thanks so much!!” – Rebecca H., Iola, KS June 2010 Response from Anne:We have tested making them longer but found that added length prevented them from laying flat and made them more visible through the outer garment.

Thank you for being so prompt! The first one I ordered was a little small (my fault – I did not measure because I almost always need a small). The pictures on your website do not come close to doing your product justice. The chemisette was gorgeous and looks beautiful with the dress for which I bought it! Thank you.” – Diane B., Holbrook, MA May 2010

Thanks so much for correcting the order – and the easy return. I will definitely be a repeat customer.” – Jackie P., Greentop, MO May 2010

Just wanted to let you know I love the chemisette. I am a breast cancer patient status post mastectomy and very conscious of ‘too low’ necklines. This will be great. I am assessing my wardrobe to see what other colors I may need and plan to get one for my sister also. Thanks for the great product.” – Suzanne H., South Windsor, CT May 2010

They are wonderful! Thank you for helping the more modest communities out!” – Jessica R., Carrolton, GA May 2010

Thank you so much for your quick response and turnaround time! I received the chemisette today. They are very, very beautiful and my sister swears by them (she’s the one that told me about them). I believe she originally found out about them and bought her 1st set at Riley Day’s in Greenfield, IN. I greatly appreciate your honesty and sincerity. Again, thank you so much and God Bless.” – Carolyn S., Crawfordsville, IN May 2010

I just found your product on you tube by accident. Wow. I am planning on buying these and telling all my friends about them. What a great idea!” – Denise C., Modesto, CA May 2010

I am a nurse and find the v-neck scrubs too revealing. The Chemisette is a life saver. I have 3 of them. Well done instructional video.” – Anonymous, April 2010

I just got them and I LOVE them!! I’m telling everyone I know about them.” – Dee G., Flushing, NY April 2010

They are very nice and a relief to me, because I was too warm with double layers of clothing. I’m happy to have the choice of more tops, now that I can make them modest by wearing a chemisette.” – Laurie G., Struthers, OH April 2010

Now that I can make them modest by wearing a chemisette, the choices of tops and blouses have increased because of Anne’s chemisettes – great product. Also wonderful customer service. Thanks Anne.” – Shalini, Norwalk, CT April 2010

What a great idea! I have a large bust and constantly find it a problem with low cut tops, but this fixes that issue. Thank you.” – Helen B., Queensland, Australia April 2010

Very clever. I will be showing this to the girls at work, who bare a lot, maybe they’ll take the hint. Very good customer service also.” – Teala D., Massillon, OH March 2010

I just received my first Chemisette!! I’m so excited to start using it! I work at a desk all day with clients and when I lean forward I sometimes feel that I’m showing them more than they need to see. Thanks Anne!! – Lee Anne C., Glenrock, WY March 2010

I am a nurse and find the v neck scrubs too revealing, so I searched for an answer and happened upon Chemisettes by Anne. I love them. I have a white lace, navy blue and just plain white. What a wonderful invention. No more folks gawking at my cleavage! Fast service and just plain friendly folks.” – Gail M., Columbus, OH February 2010

I have other cleavage covers but the Chemisettes are by far superior. The lace is gorgeous and the quality is far better than anything else out there. I highly recommend this company to others. These would make great gifts too. BUT!!!!! Let me tell you the customer service is beyond measureable! These people are wonderful! I will buy more! Thank you!” – Susan G., Carlsbad, CA February 2010

What a fantastic find! I love the chemisette that I just ordered. I will definitely be ordering some more.” – Josephine M., San Francisco, CA January 2010

I already have one, my friend Judy…., sent it to me for Christmas. I have a huge scar on my upper chest from a skin graft and can’t wear low neck tops, Judy knew about you and sent me one, I wear it all the time! I wear sport bras so I wrap it around twice on each side. Thanks for such a great invention!!” – Carolyn C., Sedona, AZ January 2010

Thank you so much for your very well made and highly functional chemisettes! I have looked for them all over the internet and in catalogs, and was either turned away by sticky dots that I would have to replace as I used the cover up, or they were made of sheer lacy material that would show my cleavage anyway! I love your product, and will order more for myself and others in my family who are looking for something as well made and functional as your product. Your quick delivery time was also a pleasant surprise. Well done, and keep it up!” – Lori H., Kaysville, UT December 2009

I am excited about these chemisettes. Why on earth designers think large women want to show cleavage is beyond me. All tops are low-cut in plus sizes.” – Kristina F., Farmington, KY December 2009

Very nice addition to my wardrobe. Pretty and practical.” – Darlene M., Newark, DE December 2009

Love them and am telling all my friends about them. I ordered some yesterday and received them today! Thank you…” – Donna H., Fishers, IN November 2009

Hi, I’m a repeat customer and love these! Using double side sticky tape to the sides of the chemisette holds it securely in place for complete confidence when wearing extra low cut tops.” – Susan S., Mesa, AZ November 2009

I am a teacher. Many of the dress styles that are sold in stores are too low cut to wear in school. These items allow me to wear those same items to school yet be professional. It is nice not having to purchase two separate wardrobes. Thank you!” – Kristin B., Queensbury, NY September 2009

Yours are the most elegant, yet practical chemisettes I’ve ever had! Your customer service was amazing. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks!” – Fern B., Philadelphia, PA August 2009

I just love these. A lady at work was wearing one when I inquired and immediately had to have the info and ordered 2, the black lace and white cotton. I just love them. I’m hoping you come out with more colors in the cotton or polyester, such as sunset orange or brick red., Keep up the great work. Plus, love that these are not only made in USA but right here in Indiana…” – Lisa C., Greenwood, IN August 2009

Thank you for providing an extremely hard to find item. I am a 44DDD, and your chemisettes provide that extra coverage I need when I don’t want to wear a camisole.” – Susan Y., Little Rock, AR July 2009

As a nursing mother with ample cleavage that I DON’T want to show the world these are an answer to my prayers! My only recommendation would be to not order the ones with the lace on top as it flops over and tends to show on the sides but I think I ordered too small. Go larger even if you are smaller according to the charts as the edges can show.” – Monica M., West Lafayette, IN July 2009 Response from Anne: We so appreciate our customers open feedback about issues they encounter with our chemisettes. We agree with Monica about the issues presented with some laces. This is why we discontinued the use of wide and unstable laces. If you choose to purchase a clearance style with lace wider than 1 inch, you can try ironing the lace using spray starch. The starch gives the lace the stability to stay upright, in most cases. Regarding size issues, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our 30-day return policy. We are always happy to exchange regular price items for a different size.

OMG–these are awesome!! I ordered some of the sale items to try and will definitely be buying more. Love them.” – Sondra B., Tarentum, PA June 2009

I came across your product at a website called Budget Fashionista. I just ordered 7 chemisettes and you may have saved my fashion life! After having kids my girls are always so exposed in everything and pins ruin my dresses. I have been placing camisoles under my dresses and shirts for years to hide my cleavage and am SO thrilled that you have made something that is less bulky and hot.” – Monica M., West Lafayette, IN June 2009

I love your product and I think it should be available at women’s stores.” – Barbara L., Odessa, FL May 2009

The chemisettes are perfect for me – I had a mastectomy and the right chest area is sunken as a result – these inserts are just what I have been looking for. I was happy to find them after surfing thru the internet. Now I will feel more confident wearing lower cut garments which I have been avoiding.” – Mary Lou H., Merritt Island, FL May 2009

These are just the thing that I’ve been looking for. I have a horrible mastectomy scar that prevents me from wearing anything even unbuttoned at the neck. Everything for spring is so low cut, that these will fill in nicely and my scar won’t show. THANK YOU!!!” – Mary S., Camden, NY April 2009

Just wanted to compliment you on a great product. This is something I have been thinking of but wasn’t sure how to engineer it to lay flat and not look like I had just pinned loose fabric behind my shirt :)” – Jessica R., Hillsborough, NJ April 2009

They were perfect for my daughter’s bridesmaids…, They matched perfectly. (style #108) What a wonderful product.” – Diane K., Curwensville, PA March 2009

I saw several national ads for similar products in my Good Housekeeping and More magazines. Your products are much more reasonably priced, you offer way more variety, and you are from Indiana!” – Susan Z., Fort Wayne, IN March 2009

I love them! I love the fact that they take up so little space compared to some!” – Joan R., Wylie, TX January 2009

I love them. I wear them all the time. I bought some a year ago and bought more in Nov. They are the nicest thing I’ve ever had to wear under other things.” – Marie G., Versailles, IN January 2009

Wow! Talk about service. I received my order yesterday, only 4 days after ordering. That alone is impressive. I love my new chemisettes. Please keep up the good work. They are simply the best. Thank you.” -Susan B., Cheyenne, WY December 2008

The chemisettes are exceptional quality and craftsmanship. I was very pleased to find the sizing was accurate and they are beautiful. They are going to work wonderfully with the v-neck sweaters I purchased for work. I am a return to work nursing mother and I love that I found you on the internet and was able to purchase these. I know other places sell them but with an adhesive tape which seems messy and not practical. I am glad you are out there!” – Holly B., Colton, CA October 2008

My wife bought one of your bra things last fall. She has been talking about them for quite a while and I know she wants some more. I just know she wears it a lot, and likes them very much.” – Bob H., Milan, IN October 2008

I bought a couple of your chemisettes and I love them. They go with me everywhere.” – Lisa., Findlay, OH September 2008

I got my Chemisettes today – thank you for the very quick shipping! These are so wonderful – I have two dresses that I could not wear without a camisole – too hot in the summer – I am just thrilled with these.” – Calista A., New Albany, IN August 2008

I love it and so do my friends. I will not be afraid of buying low-cut tops any longer.” – Nancy H., Columbia, SC August 2008

I bought three of these at the Zionsville Festival and love wearing them. They are wonderful! Thanks.” – Gail T., Zionsville, IN June 2008

I can’t believe it! Your site is an answer to prayer. Every inconvenience you listed fits me, except being a nursing mom. (Those wonderful days are long gone!) I can’t wear camisoles anymore because of menopause. I suffocate! Also can’t stand nylon next to my skin in the summer. I was on the internet trying to find a clothing magazine that advertised a similar product to yours, but I couldn’t remember what the name of it was. I would much rather support an individual seller than a big company. When is your coming sale starting? I think I will wait until then before ordering and hopefully I can purchase more items that way. Today I wore a stretchy top that I love that is very flattering to me, but is obviously a MISSES size (I am a grandma size PETITE). I spent the entire day lifting up the neckline and throwing it back over my shoulders! Very annoying. I have several outfits with similar problems. Can’t’ wear them to work or church as they are inappropriate. While I think cleavage is beautiful, I am not one to let my breasts show or hang out. I am so glad to have found your site!” – Nancy M., Cincinnati, OH June 2008

I’m wearing a chemisette for the first time today, and my daughter-in-law got all excited about it — these would be perfect for nursing mothers, she pointed out… She loves to wear wrap-type tops, because it’s easy to let the baby nurse on either side, but they are often too revealing.” – Cynthia P., Pittsburgh, PA May 2008

I recently purchased two, and I love them. Being short, I always have problems with necklines hitting me too low. I’ve been telling all my friends about them.” – Vicki S., Indiana May 2008

You have no idea how long I’ve searched for an alternative to hot, bulky tanks or camisoles! These are great: ) Service was prompt, and they were packaged very nicely. I’ve tried every product out there, even lace inserts, but they would slip off and create embarrassing situations. Thanks for creating something so nice!” – Cheri O., Dodge City, KS May 2008

I received my order and must say I was so pleasantly surprised with your product. It is beautifully constructed with quality finishing. I love them!” – Amy D., North Wales, PA March 2008

Thank you so much for coming up with these! I love them!” – Lori G., Ellisville, MS February 2008

I’m a nurse. This will be great to wear with my scrubs.” – Anonymous, Milan, IN November 2007

This is awesome!” – Jody S., Greensburg, IN September 2007